Pantone pleasures

by filakuku

fila, scrolling down the world wide web for some intriguing, beautiful or just wicked (yes, it’s a synonym for cool) lifestyle stories, drinking her morning cup of tea out of a Pantone mug – “it’s not red, it’s Pantone 186” – when suddenly another, far more exciting, Pantone story catches her attention.

Just as inspired by the Pantone colors as filakuku. the online magazine Trendland joins forces with photographer Alison Anselot every week, shooting Pantone-colored food dishes.

“I’ll have the Safran risotto – Pantone 101 C -, followed by the Raspberry cheesecake – Pantone 1895 c – for dessert please.”

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Oh, and guess what they added today?

That’s right, a delish looking strawberry tart in Pantone 186

                                                                       – must be a sign of God.